We’re into active data warehousing

The name of Teradata, a division of NCR Corporation, is similar with data warehousing. The $1.23 billion firm is currently obtaining aggressive within the Indian market.

How do you differentiate amongst business intelligence, data mart, and data warehousing, and where does Teradata operate?

We are the originators of database design specifically for data warehousing. The core of what we do is putting data together in one place, without replicating it. Business intelligence goes a little further in the sense that there is a human element involved in terms of tapping into the data warehouse. Data marts are small, distributed stores of data lying in different places in an organisation. In the IT industry, people must use their brains to develop insights into making their revenues grow and make the business profitable. Data warehousing is the basic infrastructure upon which you can build these various applications.

Is there a link between CRM and data warehousing?

CRM is one amongst the foremost abused acronyms within the IT business, particularly within the past few years. we’ve got had a state of affairs whereby corporations have gone sure CRM while not putting in place the required underpinning technologies like information deposit or info integration. information deposit is basically what provides client history to the client service executives and tells them what to mention to the client.

What are the current trends in data warehousing usage?

Initially data warehouses were built to make reports about how a company performed. But today we are moving from the situation where we looked at ‘what happened’ to a situation where we can influence ‘what will happen.’ And that is only possible by gaining insights into your business processes. In our terminology we call it active data warehousing. The decision-making is driven more by the system itself. A lot of companies are already using different database packages.

Why should they go for data warehousing?

Because there are limits to what those databases will do. as an example, in a very bank that’s employing an explicit database, one will tune the info and obtain solely a restricted variety of queries answered. Whereas in a very information warehouse, you do not get to outline the question that you simply square measure progressing to raise the system. Once you’ve got asked a matter and got your answer, you’ll be able to question it any and even reach a prognosticative stage. These aren’t attainable by victimisation normal databases.

What differentiates Teradata from its competitors?

Our biggest strength is that we’ve built our database, Teradata, only for data warehousing — which can handle the largest volumes of data in the world. What’s more, we can handle the most complex of queries and the highest number of users as well.

At what point of its IT usage roadmap should a company look for data warehousing?

Conceptually and architecturally, if a corporation goes to possess a awfully sizable amount of consumers, it should begin coming up with for data warehousing right from the start. Also, it’s not only if they need the cash to pay that they must search for it, however once their business expects returns on investment from data warehousing — and once the fundamental IT infrastructure and network is in place.

What should businesses keep in mind while implementing a data warehousing solution?

The foremost issue is that the project ought to have the support of the highest management within the organisation. ensuing issue is to settle on the correct partner and also the technology. Another is that they must perpetually monitor the progress of the project; they need to not stop checking on what come back they’re obtaining from the answer.

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