User Interface: Designing and Implementation

User Interface (UI) is the front end application to provide a designing view to software. With the help of User Interface, one can control and manipulate the software architecture. User Interface already sets up its environment in all fields of electronic and digital media. It needs to perform well, so that user can able to meet their requirement without any confusion and obstacle.

UI Designs provides visibility to the apps and any bad designing of it may cause of great failure. Hence it is necessary to design it with updated technology and good effort. To design effective applications, User Interface includes operating systems, designing tools, heavy machinery and process controls.

The main objective fulfilled by User Interface is to make it self-explanatory, efficient and user friendly. It is actually an interface between human and machine interaction.



UI or User Interface designing can be graphical, text based, audio or video, specific to any hardware and software designing. UI is combination of both hardware architecture and software implementation. System users are more concentrated on designing rather than its functionality. There is a major concern of hardware and software designing which ultimately lead to build capabilities and also the limitations of system.

Following are some important features that made User Interface more stable and popular:

  • Attractive Designing
  • Simple and authentic
  • Provide short time response
  • Easy and clarity of understanding
  • Consistency to all interfacing screens.

Types of UI

UI is basically of two types that undergoes with software implementation providing designing to hardware applications. They are mentioned below:

Command Line Interface (CLI): It is a tool that interact with computers for video display on monitor. Command User Interface provides a command prompt where user enters the commands and feeds them into the system. It is a text based set of programming instruction that differs from system to system. There are various macros and scripts that make it more reliable.


Graphical User Interface (GUI): To set interaction between user and system, Graphical User Interface provides the graphical means to both hardware and software architecture. User can easily interpret the application with the help of GUI. Resource are used more in GUI than compare to CLI. With the technological advancement and program designing, GUI designs the interfaces that are helping to work with more efficiency, accuracy and speed.


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