Togaf: An Enterprise Framework

Togaf is the open group architecture framework that is deigned, planned, implemented and governed for the enterprise architecture which is modeled at four levels: Business, Application, Data and Technology. Togaf provides a structured approach to organisations to help them in organizing, governing and implementing the technology. It ensures that the software designing is in such a way that it will meet the business objectives in a systematic way and results are very authentic.

Togaf 9.1 Objectives

  • Determines the capability of architecture by the organisation: It reviews the organisational context for conducting. Togaf identifies and provide scope for the enterprise architecture that inserts the framework, methods and processes.
  • Establish the architecture capability: Togaf defines and establishes the architecture capability and implement the selective tools that are based on architecture principles.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

Togaf is of high usability that is more consistent towards the output and for this it is more focused on enterprise change. To make it more beneficial further details and certification programs is added that reconstruct the better usability. Togaf provides the detailed model of architectural model of products that drives for the greater consistency in outputs of Togaf.

Features of Togaf 9.1

  • Builds great efficiency for proper business execution
  • Enables business architectural capabilities along with problem resolution capability
  • Creates platform that meet the business objectives with information technology ability




Course Overview      

Togaf is a high level and integrated approach to design the enterprise architecture. The kind of architecture Togaf deals with: business, application, data, and technology that are the basic building block for enterprise architecture. The Togaf Certification program has enabled more than 20,000 enterprise architects and trainers around the globe to demonstrate their knowledge of the framework. Effective Enterprise Architecture helps with useful information for business progress through IT and also helps to build the balance in the use of IT in business innovation. Togaf helps to achieve this by building the right enterprise architecture by aligning business needs with the IT architect.

Job Opportunity

Togaf is very much popular due to its security, data, enterprise architect and applications. The Togaf certification helps to get plenty of opportunities and the companies like Capgemini, CGI, Deloitte, HP, Oracle, TATA, Wipro etc. are with immense opportunities.

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