Tivoli Storage Manager: Platform for IBM Data protection

IBM Spectrum Protect formally known as Tivoli Storage Manager is a data protection platform which provides the access to data backup and recovery. It has various archive tools which are enabling not only to insert data but also provide backup sense.

It is one of the important software product of IBM which addresses the challenges of complex data storage management across the distributed environments. This software provides a wide range of data storage and it manages broad range of data from various workstation. By using a client/server model, TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager) has the ability to restore, retrieve and archive data. The backups client for TSM are installed on file servers, database servers and client’s workstations.

By using Tivoli Storage Manager, a popular database DB2 recovers its data. Even if the data has corrupted or deleted, TSM can restore the most recent data and backup it from its server. This prevents data from being loss.

Tivoli Storage Manager API and Architecture

Tivoli Storage Manager Application Programming Interface (API) provides a set of library functions that allow software application to backup and archive data on TSM server. This API is also used by DB2 database for data backup and recovery purposes. To use TSM for data backup, DB2 communicates with Tivoli Storage Manager API for backup and data restoration.

TSM is a Deduplication disk based storage pool which provides an effective method for the storage of data. The configuration for Deduplication based architecture is mentioned below:

Deduplication Primary Pool

Random Disk Storage Pool

Tape Copy Storage Pool

Tivoli Storage Manager API and Architecture

Data Backup Techniques

Data backup is done on TSM server by DB2 which can be done in following ways

Online backup: DB2 data can be backup when database is in use as users are updating it at the same time. This procedure requires a log file to start the backup and at the end current log file is archived.

Offline backup: In this the data backup starts after shutting down the database and it will be completed when database is opened next.

Table space backup: In this technique only specific tables of database go for backup, if there is no need of whole database backup.

Data Recovery Techniques

To recover the data without losing it is the key factor of database recovery. Data starts recovering from the point where it has been lost. There are some important recovery techniques frequently used for this purpose like 1. Version recovery used for previous version recovery from backup image that was created using backup database. 2. Database roll-forward recovery for the full database and log file backup.

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