Teradata Launches Software-Defined Warehouse for Enhanced Data Management, Agility, and Simplicity

Today, many organizations maintain multiple, separate data warehouses to meet unique business unit requirements or to comply with data privacy regulations across countries.

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Agile and Simple

Teradata’s Software-Defined Warehouse provides agility and “at the push of a button” simplicity in managing and deploying data warehouse resources and security. It also manages efficient and consistent system performance and user experience through granular and flexible software-driven controls.

Software-Define Warehouse enables simplified data warehouse environment without sacrificing security or SLAs through:

  • Multi-tenancy for distinct Business Units or Departments that require separate systems
  • Compliance for multi-national companies which can’t mix data between countries
  • B2B data & analytic service deployment
  • Data mart consolidation
  • Production analytic sandbox

Through Software-Defined Warehouse, you will achieve benefits of business agility, organizational efficiency, and alignment:

  • Faster deployment while controlling I/O, space, CPU, & security at a fine-grained level
  • Increased agility to react to business changes through self-service data / analytics
  • Lower TCO while completely segregating data, users, applications or workloads from each other
  • Align system performance and service level goals with business priorities.
 Teradata Software-Defined Warehouse Enabling Technologies

Teradata has been leading the “software-defined” technology trend by providing capabilities to easily deploy and manage your data warehouse and its resources. These capabilities include:

  • Teradata Workload Management – A portfolio of products for your DBAs to keep pace with increasingly complex workloads and make the most of your existing data warehouse system capacity.
  • Teradata Database Secure Zones – Supports grouping of user & database hierarchies into separate database partitions with restriction of user access to one or more zones.
  • Teradata Data Lab – Deploy self-service BI and analytics that lets your business users explore and examine new ideas by combining new data with existing warehouse data to quickly test new data and theories for maximum business agility.
 Secure Zones

The Secure Zones feature in Teradata Database simplifies the process of securely managing multiple business units, divisions, or countries in one warehouse through a multi-tenant or multi-national deployment. With Secure Zones, you can:

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  • Isolate data and users from each other as if they were running on physically segregated databases.
  • Achieve a higher level of security in which users within a zone have no access or visibility to objects within other zones.
  • Consolidate multiple data marts into single system

Secure Zones provides isolation so that each zone appears to users within it as the entire system. The users only see the tables and data within the zone that they are authorized for. It allows one physical system to host several separate logical database environments, with security isolating the users and data of each environment.

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