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SAP SD (Sales and Distribution) is an important SAP module that handles the process of order to delivery activities. SAP SD manages the pre-sales activities, receiving and managing sales orders, delivering products to customers, billing to customers, handling transportation and distribution to customers. SAP SD integrates with other modules such as material management, production planning, financial accounting and controlling and so on.

SAP SD actually defines the sales and Distribution in following ways:

Sales: Sales is transactions between two parties to exchange of money, buyers receive the goods, services and assets.

Distribution: The movement of goods and services from the source through a distributed channel to the customer, consumer, and user and in reciprocation payment is done by them to the original supplier and service provider.

Sales and Distribution Roles

Sales Support: It is a responsibility to support the staff involved in business development and customer service processes.

Master Data: It provides the flexibility in the data structure that supports business environment, contains information regarding customers, business materials, and partners.

Sales Info System: It is a component of logistic info system.

Billing: It builds a comprehensive set of billing functions.

Foreign Trade: It is to manage import and export process and integrates them efficiently into supply a chain.

Shipping and Transportation:  Stock transfers, delivery scheduling, and return policy are the important factors under it.

Sales and Distribution Structure:

  • Client
  • Company Code
  • Sales Area
  • Sales Organization
  • Distribution Channel
  • Division
  • Plant
  • Loading Point
  • Shipping Point


About Course

SAP SD is a Sales and Distribution process in a different business channel. SAP SD course covers the latest release of SAP ERP of 5.0 and 6.0 version. This course is a complete end to end implementation of functions that are related to Sales and Distribution modules. SAP SD helps the IT professionals to utilize their skills for business development and enhancement.


  • Basics of SQL
  • Knowledge of Sales and Marketing Domain
  • MBA marketing/sales

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