SAP HANA Administration and Their Tasks

SAP HANA is an in-memory relational database management system that suites for real time analytics, development and deploying applications in cloud. SAP HANA actually removes the burden of maintaining separate systems and database, so that it is easy to run applications on digital platform. It processes the transactions and analytics of in-memory data for real time implementation. The application deployment using this technology actually reduces the complexity related to the platform on premises or in the cloud. It integrates all types of data to visualize and access large volume of data that are never seen before. The in-memory capabilities and analytical approach of applications using SAP HANA made businesses smarter, faster and of simple data infrastructure.

SAP HANA Admin Tasks

SAP HANA Administration performs lot of actions that are not limited within its area. There are some important tasks covered by it to provide an absolute result.

Daily Tasks: SAP HANA monitors the overall performance of the system and checks the service status. It takes care of system alerts and resolves the issues if any occurs and also it keeps a track on resource utilization.

Monthly Tasks: It clean-ups the backup file systems such as log files or diagnosis files.

On-demand Tasks: Following are the important tasks for this section followed by SAP HANA.

  • Security and Authorization: It focuses on creating users, allocating roles and privileges, activation or deactivation of users, handling the password policy etc.
  • Logging and Tracing: Activation and analyzation of database logging and tracing, kernel tracing, SQL tracing, defining auditing policies are the important concerned factors.
  • Backup and Recovery: It executes the manual backups, scheduled backups and DB recovery.
  • Distributed landscape maintenance: It handles addition and removal of additional hosts, host failover, table portioning and redistribution.
  • Alert Configuration: Configure alert threshold and email notification.
  • Licence Administration: It checks the current licence and also request and installation license.
  • HANA System update: It updates HANA support packs and libraries.
  • Data Provisioning and Configuration: It installs and configures the SLT server and connections to manipulate data from flat files.
  • Change transport: Migration of HANA delivery unit, HANA packages and HANA development artifacts.
  • Routine Operation: Start or stop the system and database services, parameter configuration, manual delta merge.



Course Overview

SAP HANA Course is designed for both fresher and experienced professionals that is based on latest HANA release. SAP HANA Admin course enables the skills of installation, up-gradation and makes acquaintance with administration tools. It gets hands on advice regarding user management, roles and privileges. It guides student regarding SAP products and enhances the data provisioning skills.


  • Basic Knowledge of SQL

Career Opportunity

These days wide range of technological market is acquired by SAP, as its architecture and security systems has made it more advanced and efficient. There are good number of job opportunities in this field as so many companies are going for SAP HANA Implementation for their businesses such as, P&G, Intel, Liverpool, Wall Street, Lonmin, CIR Foods, SanDisk etc.

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