SAP ABAP and Work Bench Tools

ABAP i.e., Advanced Business Application Programming is the programming language developed by the German software company SAP. SAP ABAP builds the set of programming language that uses the SAP Application Server which is the part of NetWeaver platform and this leads to develop the business applications. NetWeaver supports both ABAP and Java, as it shares its platform for both of these programming languages. All the R/3 applications are developed by using ABAP language that enables SAP for the development of standard and application software.

ABAP Reporting Program

Reporting programs divides itself in classical and interactive reports:

  • Classical Reports: This approach of reporting doesn’t allow user interaction; hence user uses the relevant data for specific information.
  • Interactive Reports: It allows user interaction, so user can generate secondary list from the existing relevant data and requesting more information.

ABAP R/3 Architecture

SAP ABAP R/3 structure is client server architecture that keeps the entire data in its database. The data is produced in application layer and user can access it from the presentation layer. These layers are connected with each other via networks. The application keeps both the database and R/3 application on the same host, so that data can be passed locally through database rather than through a network. The presentation layer is made up of fronted installed PCs in which graphical user interface (GUI) programs are displayed.


Work Bench Tools and Their Advantages

Workbench tools are used to develop, test and run SAP ABAP programs. Following are the important tools:

ABAP Editor: Used to type codes, writing and editing reports

ABAP Dictionary: Used for processing database table

Screen Painter: Used for developing interface, design screens and flow logic

Menu Painter: Used for designing menu bar and application toolbar

Function Builder: Used to create and test function module

Class Builder: Used for building class object and interfaces

These tools provide the flexibility to access the database. These tools show the integrity between client/server architectures which is easy to learn. SAP ABAP Tools enhance the productivity and helps in rapid application development.

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