Real Application Clusters with Oracle DBA

Oracle is a high performance database that meets with the objectives of IT industries to challenge the companies. It is about managing all the data and offering the best performance and cost effectiveness. It is an object relational database management system. Oracle database stores logical data in the form of table-spaces and physical data in the form of data files. It keeps the tracks of its data storage which contains the information about the user objects in database.  Oracle database is lading out important features which make it efficient and strong database.

Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) enables Oracle database to run across the cluster of servers. It satisfies the features of scalability, fault tolerance and high performance that do not require any necessary changes. It performs well for certain things such as troubleshooting, monitoring and backup details. Oracle RAC enables the feature of accessing multiple clustered instances within a single shared database. This application binds the interconnected servers, so that they can appear as a single system at user end. All the data files and control files reside in the cluster-aware. A single database can be used by two or more than two computers simultaneously. Oracle RAC adds the feature to backup operational mode in which functions of one system component are assumed by other system component. This capacity is increasing the reliability and availability of Oracle RAC. To manage the applications and enhance the performance, database administrators are using Oracle RAC databases as it is more robust, fault tolerant and complex of all Oracle environment.

Recommendations and Scalability

Oracle RAC is a recommended database as it benefits the developer in terms of availability and functionality. It ensures that the application will work properly in RAC environment.

Scalability of Oracle RAC is an important aspect which is considerable, because it implies on successful result. Oracle RAC offers both the quality of scale-up and scale-out. This feature provides good flexibility to the organisations to design their database infrastructure. Due to the scalability feature system is expected to grow more by adding more resources, so that the demand will be always high. Whenever there is the back-end database support which is RAC enabled, the additional resources avail the tasks to take on the database. It takes very less time to deploy application on a single database irrespective of the instances that are getting accessed simultaneously. For any kind of further scaling, it needs to be ensure that database confirms a good practice in RAC environment.


RAC Applications

RAC has some built-in features like FAN (Fast Application Notification) that allows it to send notifications to other end. Applications are integrated with FAN using FAN API. The aim of this API is to allow application to listen FAN event by creating subscriptions to the RAC nodes. Oracle client side connection is integrated with FAN to ensure the maximum advantages to applications. The information sent as notification from the RAC determine that which among the established connections should take priority to hand over the application. Application that made its connection may retain it for a while and uses RAC instances to support multiple transactions.

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