SAP as Production Planning

SAP is a German multinational software company that makes enterprise software to manage customer relation and business activities. SAP manages the cloud based products that are analysed by the software analyst to provide a competitive edge with other technology. SAP is world’s third largest company that is operated in four geographic regions. SAP even helps its business partners with successful implementation, sell, marketing developing and delivering marketing products and services. One of the most important feature that SAP actually serves is that it provides end-to-end business solution for financial, logistics, distribution and inventories.

What is Production Planning?

Production planning application of SAP is used to plan and control the manufacturing activities of a company that consists of the information of all the configuration and master data and provides the complete solution to the process. It serves the purpose of production planning and detailed scheduling as well and it also takes care of the resource availability that are used to planned for the critical products. The main objective that production planning actually serves that it reduces lead times and increase on-time delivery. Production planning is making itself a reason to enhance the efficiency of product and services.

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Integration with Other Components

Production Planning can be used with other component such as, SAP APO and with OLTP Systems. The planned relevant data can be transferred as master and transaction data from an OLTP System to SAP APO. In the OLTP system, plan can be executed in the order of processing and manufacturing orders.


Below mentioned features really makes it to sound good in technological environment:

Interactive Planning: Interactive planning helps the plan to resolve the issues manually or by automatic planning and for this various tools are also available.

Detailed Scheduling: It schedules planning orders automatically that are associated with the resources and here other planning conditions are also taken into account.

Optimization: Optimization tool can be used to optimize resources schedule, by taking the account of certain criteria. It improves the continuous planning situation and also solves the particular detailed scheduling problems.

Pegging: Pegging is used by SAP APO to establish the relationships between the stock, receipt and requirements of a product at certain location. On the basis of these relationships, system can identify the quantity and date/time problems.


Course Overview

Production Planning ensures that manufacturing runs effectively and efficiently and also it delivers the product quality to the customers. The course contents are very specific and one can able learn that how efficiently work can be managed. The course is very much authentic and one can become expertise in SAP Production Planning.


  • Production Experience
  • End User experience and familiarity with SAP concepts
  • MBA Production

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