Overview of IBM Netezza Analytics

IBM Netezza Analytics is an embedded, purpose-made, advanced analytics platform — delivered with each IBM Netezza appliance — that empowers analytic enterprises to fulfil and exceed their business demands.

  1. Predict with more accuracy
  2. Deliver predictions faster
  3. Respond rapidly to changes

IBM Netezza Analytics advanced technology fuses knowledge repositing and in-database analytics into an ascendable, superior, massively parallel advanced analytic platform that’s designed to crunch through pet scale knowledge volumes.

IBM Netezza Analytics is IBM Netezza’s most powerful advanced analytics platform that has the technology infrastructure to support enterprise preparation of in-database analytics.

The analytics platform permits integration of its sturdy set of intrinsic analytics with leading analytic tools from such vendors as Revolution Analytics, SAS, IBM SPSS, Fuzzy Logix, and Zementis, on IBM Netezza’s core knowledge warehouse appliances.

IBM Netezza Analytics enables analytic enterprises to realize significant business value from new business models and helps companies realize both top-line revenue growth and bottom- line cost savings.

IBM Netezza Analytics Highlights:

  • Serious analytics –Answer questions that were previously too complex, required too much data or took too much time to analyse
  • Data exploration –Discover subtle patterns within ever-growing data volumes to answer interrelated and complex business questions
  • Analytics on-demand –Quickly respond to dynamic business conditions to choose the best course of action
  • Simple to use –Build models and score data using existing analytics technologies, including popular analytic packages and languages
  • High-performance –In-database, parallelized algorithms take advantage of IBM Netezza’s Asymmetric Massively Parallel Processing architecture.

IBM NetezzaIBM Solutions

Leveraging its synergy with IBM, the following solutions are available for use with IBM Netezza Analytics:

  • IBM SPSS Modeler – IBM SPSS modeller may be a superior prognostic analytics work table that quickly delivers positive ROI by making the prognostic intelligence that enables you to proactively and repeatedly exploit revenue opportunities, scale back prices and increase operational productivity.
  • IBM Big Insights for Apache Hadoop – A core component of IBM’s platform for big data, IBM Big Insights for Apache Hadoop is inspired by, and is compatible with, open source Hadoop and used to store, manage, and gain insights from Internet-scale data at rest. When paired with IBM Netezza Analytics via a high-speed connection, massive volumes of distributed data and content, and ad-hoc analytics can be processed quickly and efficiently to find predictive patterns and glean valuable insights.
  • IBM InfoSphere Streams – A core component of IBM’s platform for big data, IBM InfoSphere Streams allows you to capture and act on all the business data as the business events unfold. When paired with IBM Netezza Analytics massive volumes of stream data are ingested into IBM Netezza and analysed over a longer period of time to find predictive patterns and glean valuable insights.


Analytics that after appeared potential or impractical to run ar currently possible with IBM Netezza Analytics. With the IBM Netezza information warehouse appliance’s straightforward appliance approach, all of your organization’s information is accustomed generate a finer set of results, serving to drive new revenue opportunities and gain a competitive advantage. By victimisation advanced analytics on IBM Netezza information warehouse appliances, your entire organization will notice worth – from money groups, to lines-of-business, to sales, to IT, to the manager workplace. This offers larger clarity for your business, and ensures everyone seems to be investing constant information, victimisation all out their information.


Netezza technology is at the core of every PureData System for Analytics. In addition to the PureData System for Analytics, Netezza technology also powers:

IBM PureData System for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology

A simple appliance for serious analytics that delivers optimized performance of complex analytics and enables complex algorithms to run in minutes not hours.

IBM Netezza Replication Services

Resilient, high-speed data replication from a primary system to one or more geographically dispersed target systems with robust disaster recovery

IBM DB2 Analytics Accelerator

A workload optimized appliance add-on enabling the integration of business insights into operational processes driving winning strategies.

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