Oracle DBA and Administrative Responsibilities

Oracle offers a comprehensive and fully integrated approach to database applications and engineered systems. Oracle is the first object relational database designed for enterprise grid computing. It has written in Assembly language, C, C++.

Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) is responsible for installation, configuration, upgrade, monitor and maintenance of data bases within organisation. Oracle DBA helps to improve system performance by continually updating and monitoring databases and ensures the database security.

Who are using Oracle DBA?

Different technological fields and their associates need Oracle DBA to meet various requirements. Following are the users of database administration:

  1. Database Administrator: There are several jobs that to be done by Oracle DBA
  • Installation and upgradation of Oracle server and application tools
  • Creation of primary database storage structure and objects
  • Modification of database structure
  • User access control
  • Backup for database information
  • Recovery information
  • Database information retrieving
  1. Security Officers: Security Officers are enrolling users, controlling and monitoring the user access to databases. They are actually responsible for maintaining database security.
  2. Network Administrator: For administrating purpose, network administrator is responsible for Oracle net services.
  3. Application Developers: Application developers design and implement database applications. The developers design the database structure, estimates storage requirement for application, specifies the database modification and establishes database security.
  4. Application Administrator: Oracle can assign more than one administrator to administrate specific application. Each and every application consist of their personal administrator.
  5. Database Users: Database users set interaction with database through applications. They are responsible for entering, modifying and deleting data. Database Users also generate reports.


Why to go for Oracle DBA?

Oracle DBA is a demanding database featured with all the essentials which are improving the database management. It is specifying the below features:

  • Simplicity
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Efficiency

Course Overview

The Oracle DBA (Database Administrator) is collection of data for designing. It is responsible for development and design of database strategies, monitoring and managing of database performance. Oracle database training applies to the Oracle database server which is running on all the operating systems. It provides the resource and recovery of data for database management. It is the best case scenario for accessing and customizing the information. It has three important files named Data files, Online Redo log files and Control files.

Job Prospective

There is a huge opportunity in Oracle DBA, as it is satisfying various applications. It has good market and best salary package. So many companies like Siemens, Apple etc. have enhancing career opportunity for Oracle DBA.

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