MongoDB Online Training: A NoSQL Technology Approach

MongoDB is a free open source document oriented database developed by MongoDB Inc. that is used in integration of data to make applications faster. The design of its database provides an ease of development and scaling. MongoDB follows JSON like structured document rather than storing data in tabular form.

MongoDB eradicates the development and scalability issues with traditional relational database and allows data collection across multiple systems that lead to increase of data volume.

MongoDB is a document oriented database that provides high performance, availability and easy scalability as it works on the concept of collection and document. MongoDB serves on multiple databases and each database consist of its own file system. Collection is set of MongoDB documents which exist within a single database.


Advantages of MongoDB

  • MongoDB is the document based database which holds different documents in the form of collection.
  • It supports dynamic queries on document based query language that is equally powerful as SQL.
  • There is no complex joining as it avoids the tabular structure.
  • MongoDB is easily scalable.
  • It doesn’t require to map the application objects to database objects.
  • MongoDB uses internal memory for storing data and provide faster access to data.
  • It is rich in queries and takes faster updates.
  • It enforces high availability and auto sharding features.
  • It can be implemented with Big Data, Mobile and Social Infrastructure, user Data Management, Content Management and Delivery and Data Hub.

MongoDB Security Aspects

To maintain a secure MongoDB deployment, it requires to implement the control action over the applications that are accessed by the users. It should only provide the related data information which is required by the particular time. MongoDB features allows administrators to implement these limitations on itself. To ensure the security system MongoDB follows the checklist that is mentioned below:

  • Enables access control and enforce authentication
  • Encrypt communication
  • Limitation with network exposure
  • Audit system activity
  • Encrypt and protect data
  • Execute MongoDB with dedicated user and secured configuration
  • Security standards compliance
  • Role based access control
  • Applicable security technical implementation

Course Overview

MongoDB is a NoSQL approach of storing data that is modeled in document format. Here data can be implemented and stored with a great flexibility. Most of the IT professional are aiming this course to have a good command on programming and database concepts. MongoDB Online Training helps to set acquaintance with NoSQL technology through MongoDB.


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