Microsoft Dynamics AX: An ERP Business Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX is an integrated business solution in Microsoft Dynamics that provides assistance to financial, customer relationship, and supply chain process. Microsoft Dynamics AX is easy in adoption and it reduces the risks with new implementations. One can work efficiently and confidently with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics helps to run businesses across various locations by consolidating and standardizing the process. Dynamics AX actually delivers a business management solution that meets with business objectives and requirements and evolve to meet future demands.



Helps in work fast: It focuses on business rather than developing new applications that help employees to organize, prioritize, and access tasks. With the help of business intelligence and reporting tools, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps in analyzing data. It helps in building connections, customers, communication, and collaboration tools.

Providing Opportunity: Microsoft Dynamics AX provides a self-oriented architecture that is integrated with Microsoft technologies. This helps the web services to support new business models and distributed enterprises. Microsoft Dynamics provides the solution package which helps business in taking current investments in different technologies and services.

To be a great contender: It helps in managing and monitoring business performance with sophisticated reporting and analysis tools. Enables the decision-making strategy with critical information by using Microsoft office SharePoint.

Focused on Requirements: Microsoft Dynamics AX saves time and effort that enhances control based compliance. It supports customer initiatives like RFID supply chain strategies that can reduce manufacturing waste and promote sustainability.


ERP Services

Microsoft Dynamics ERP poses the leading enterprise solution for global market that actually provides business solution to below mentioned things:

  • Financial and Business Managements
  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase and pay management
  • Production planning and manufacturing
  • MRP and automated replenishment
  • Project management along with expense management
  • Purchase requisition management
  • Sales forecasting and Demand planning
  • Advanced cash flows management
  • Fixed assets management
  • Business Intelligence mapping

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