Let’s Go with Shell Scripting

Shell Script is a series of command for computer programming that is designed to run by Unix Shell. Unix Shell is a command line interpreter which is a means for interacting with software programs. Shell Scripting programming language is like a batch file as MS-DOS, but it consists of more power than MS-DOS batch file. Shell Scripting programming language works for both commands and text files. One can store n number of text files and shell can execute them.

Shell Scripting could be written to start a database, shutdown a database, and to get data back-up.  Hence Shell Scripting is used to fulfill multiple tasks as being a software program it accepts user commands, interprets those commands, and resulting them back to users.The important task that is executed by the Shell Script is that it automates administration tasks, and saves the administrator’s time.

Work Performed by Shell Script

Following are the important tasks that Shell Script performs to show better result:

  • Monitoring of Linux system
  • Data backup and creation of snapshots
  • Finding out which process is utilizing system resources
  • Checks for the available memory
  • Find out the logged in users and their actions on systems
  • Checks for the nature of networking services

Why looking for Shell Scripting?

Shell Scripting programming language is in high demand in the global market, as it serves best features and provides immense job opportunities. Below are some key reasons that make people go for Shell Scripting:

  1. Shell Scripting is a powerful programming method that helps in learning command line in a better way and performs the file management tasks. Shell Scripting has its robust scope and saves time. Shell Scripting is the key component that actually involves in operating system works. It emphasizes on speed requirement for processing a large amount of data concurrently. That’s the main reason Unix has come up with a fast operating system than other OS.
  2. As there is huge demand of Unix in the market, but the skilled professionals are comparatively lagging. There is a better career opportunity for the software developers and system administrators. IBM, eBay, Cisco, AOL, Intel, Salesforce etc. are in demand of Shell Script skilled candidates. Unix skillset is helping IT professionals in ETL development or testing, Big data and Hadoop development or testing, SQL production support, and many other fields.
  3. There is a wide range of salary offered from many of the companies in UK and USA for the job role of system engineer, software engineer, Unix/Linux jobs, and system administrators.


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