Java: Pillar for Programming Attributes

Java is a computer software programming language developed by Sun Microsystems that is based on class and object oriented concepts. Java based programs run on JVM (Java Virtual Machine) which is based on three notions that are: specification, implementation and instance. The good thing about Java programming is that one can write the code once and execute it many times on java supporting platforms, hence there is no need of recompilation of program again and again. Therefore, Java is known as WORA i.e., write once, run anywhere. Much of the Java program coding has been done on C and C++, but it is also contributed with some low level programming facilities.The popularity and advancements made it unique in itself, as it actually supports two important applications: 1. J2EE for enterprise application and J2ME for mobile application. Some more necessary applications such as GUI, networking, web applications are created using Java that are highly recommended for performing actions.

Features of Java

Java is a featured programming language that runs on every means such as from laptop to data centers, game consoles to scientific supercomputers. Below mentioned features provide Java uniqueness and great competency edge in IT software market:

  • Object Oriented: As it is based on object oriented programming concepts hence it can be extended easily.
  • Platform Independent: The byte code for java is interpreted by JVM so that it can run on any platform, hence there is no need of recompilation like other programming language.
  • Simple and Secure: One who has hand on practice on OOPS concepts can easily learn java. It is also more secured programming language, as it enables to develop virus free and tamper free systems. For authentication, there is need of public-key encryption.
  • Portable: The compiler is written in ANSI C which poses great portability feature. This software is architectural-neutral and there are no implementation dependent aspects associated with this.
  • Multi-threaded: It supports multi-threading feature that is it can be able to complete many tasks at a time.
  • Dynamic: Java programming contains more run-time information that is useful to resolve the run-time issues and access verification.

Java Editors

Editors are the important tools that are the building block for programming. Java is supported by below sophisticated editors:

Notepad: Notepad is supported on windows platform as a text pad where one can go for simple text editor.

NetBeans: It is an open source Java IDE which can be downloaded easily.

Eclipse: It is Java IDE developed by eclipse open source community.

What leads Java to be popular programming language?

Java is a popular and powerful programming language as it eliminates the limitations of C and C++ and able to satisfy the different implementations, such as web designing, applications designing. It is an open source language which is freely available to public and the compilation process is much secured than other languages. The class library called as Java API contains thousands of classes and many more methods to support the coding so that it will able become more reliable and efficient. Java is one of the highly recommended software that supports all applications regardless of its platform and it also emphasizes on high market demands.


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