Java or .Net – Which is better for future & career?

Software developers have usually been asking this question: From career & future prospects perspective, that’s better? Is it Java or is it .Net? this text aims to answer this question so as that there is no confusion. The answers you will typically understand on the online square measure getting to be very biased as a results of most of them square measure contributed by hard-core Java and .Net fans. this text goes to be 100 percent neutral; that’s what I promise. We’ll invite views from our fellow engineers who’ve been operational in Java or .Net.

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Java Vs. Net: Which is better?

The first question we wish to lift – can these a pair of be compared A thirty,000 ft. browse of these a pair of will tell you that Java is also an artificial language whereas .Net is also a framework. .Net, as you’ll apprehend, is also a platform that supports several languages viz. C#, VB.Net, F# etc. A framework is nothing but a pool of ready-made usefulness accessible at your fingertips once your square measure writing code exploitation that framework.

Okay, which is easier to learn?

Unfortunately – there is not any clear answer to the present question. It all depends on you. I had a fan United Nations agency may do Permutation/Combination & likelihood connected queries merely in his mind which I would never produce any sense out of those queries. If you asked him; he’d say likelihood queries American best to answers which they were those ‘to skip’ on behalf of me. Similarly, variety of will notice Java easier to grasp and master whereas others will assume it’s easier to code in C# than something among the globe.

Career Opportunities in Java Vs. .Net

This is wherever things get attention-grabbing. The hiring situation currently needs you to understand multiple things. as an example, you may seldom see job openings that say “Java Programmers Required” or “.Net Programmers Required”. you may usually realize job openings that need J2EE, JSF for people who grasp Java and C#, SQL server and different MS technical school for .Net folks. the purpose to notice is that – you’ll ought to continue learning and keep rising your information in spite of that career path you decide on.

Both Java developers and .Net developers are in demand for the previous couple of years and that I do not see that ever-changing in close to future. nobody will predict that technology would still be hot in coming back months and years.

Which is better for future?

Instead of worrying concerning that; why not build yourself future-proof? Like I merely same, no one can predict the long-standing time among the technology domain; as a results of things modification here every single minute. As associate somebody / developer – you have to be compelled to “not” follow any specific language; but, master one simply just unit of measurement presently engaged on. If you hone your logic skills; you have to be compelled to be able to get comfortable with any linguistic communication, tool or framework among short time. I’ve seen that happen with few of my ex-colleagues.

Start with any – and learn it with all the interest and check out to be glorious. If you choose up Java; do not hate .Net and vice-versa. If your current job demands C# and ASP; learn it. If you’re simply beginning out with an enormous IT company that has not told you which one’s profile, they’re going to assign to you; it simply does not matter.


  1. varunsandeesh

    The Java language is normally the first language that any programmer learns.
    Since many different programmers are interested in developing their own game, many programmers will use the Java language to create a simple one.

  2. sandhyarani

    Java today is one of the most popular digital applications in web designing & is being preferred by the layman as well as high end users for different purposes such as in flash video application, 3-D gaming, complex software development etc….

  3. lakshmisree

    Thank you very much for your post, it’s helped me a lot – a new utility, which is very user-friendly, but it still needs a bit of improvement

  4. reetu



    i m finished b.e computer science in 2014. i done a .Net course. but i m not placed any IT company. better i m study as Java this the good or bad study in this the course valuable in IT filed .in these course is valuable to get the job soon ….plzzzzz reply.


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