Introduction to SAP BODS

SAP Business Object Data Services (BODS) is a software tool designed by the company Business Object which SAP acquired in 2007. BODS serves the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) job. It pulls out data from system or database, modify it and load it to another system or database, like the best example to meet this is ETL from SQL Server database to Oracle. BODS allows integration and transformation of trusted data to warehousing systems for analytical reporting. SAP BODS consist of UI development interface, data connectivity for source and target systems, metadata repository etc.


SAP BODS signifies with following technology

Data Warehousing: This database is designed and developed to provide particular format to enable data analysis and reporting features. Here data can be from different sources. It is the core component for business intelligence where central responsibilities of integrated data can be from various sources.

Data Migration: This is a ETL subset where data relocation takes place from one place to other place. Here along with data movement, alteration and modification on data also occur.

Business Intelligence: It is a concept that combines data warehousing and reporting services. Business Intelligence is applied to analyse data of organisations for effective performance of functions.

Course Overview


SAP BODS is ETL tool that integrates all types of dissimilar systems. It transforms the structure of data and load them again to databases. BODS is a user friendly tool that suits for graphical user interface (GUI) instances. This tool can extract data from SAP and non-SAP integrated systems. The important topics BODS consists of like SAP BODS Architecture, persistent cache, CDC mechanism, SCD implementation, Fact loading, Data quality etc.


  • Basics of SAP
  • Data warehousing and data integration basic concepts
  • Basics of ETL concepts
  • Knowledge of elementary procedural programming


Career Opportunity in SAP BODS


SAP BODS is very much flexible with web services based applications that consist of administrative tools and reporting tools. There is immense opportunity for making career in SAP BODS by learning BODS technology. People with good concepts on SAP, ETL Tools, Data warehousing can easily opt this to enhance their career, as many more software industries are also looking for such skilled candidates.

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