Introduction to IBM Tivoli Storage Manager

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager may be a powerful storage computer code suite that addresses the challenges of complicated storage management in distributed heterogeneous environments. It protects and manages a broad vary of information, from workstations to the company server atmosphere. Over forty-four completely different operational platforms square measure supported, employing a consistent graphical computer programme.

Tivoli Storage Manager provides:

  1. Centralized administration for knowledge and storage management
  2. Totally automatic knowledge protection
  3. Economical management of knowledge growth
  4. High-speed automatic server recovery
  5. Full compatibility with many storage devices, also as LAN, WAN, and SAN infrastructures

Tivoli Storage Manager is that the premier alternative for complete storage management in mixed platform environments. It’s employed by over eighty of the Fortune one hundred corporations, and it protects over one thousand systems round the world.

Features of Tivoli Storage Manager

Tivoli Storage Manager protects associate organization’s knowledge against hardware failures and different errors by storing backup and archive copies of information in offline storage. It will scale to guard many computers starting from laptops (mobile computers) to mainframes, running a range of various operational systems, connected via the web, WANs, LANs or SANs. Centralized Web-based management, sensible knowledge move-and-store techniques, and comprehensive policy-based automation work along to reduce knowledge protection administration prices and therefore the impact on each computers and networks. Elective modules change business-critical applications that has got to run 24x7x365 to utilize Tivoli Storage Manager centralized knowledge protection with no interruption to their service.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Family

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IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is associate enterprise-wide storage management application that implements knowledge protection, disaster recovery, area management, and record retention. Tivoli Storage Manager covers all kinds of heterogeneous system platforms from mobile systems to large-scale enterprise servers, and it supports all kinds of storage resources (locally hooked up also as network- or SAN-attached). Versatile storage management policies support business wants and powerful automation options by eliminating labour and cost-intensive manual storage management tasks.

Strategic business applications square measure generally complicated collections of mutually beneficial elements from each business and proprietary computer code that span desktop, distributed, and mainframe computing environments. Application protection thinks about with knowledge availableness, performance, and recoverability, and it integrates application knowledge management into enterprise knowledge protection. Combined with the IBM Tivoli Storage Management Enterprise resolution, IBM Tivoli Storage Management becomes associate integrated management suite that transforms info Technology into a strategic business resource.


Planning for Tivoli Storage Manager

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To arrange for Tivoli Storage Manager, you would like to grasp your atmosphere and the way Tivoli Storage Manager are going to be used. Every part of Tivoli Storage Manager has specific necessities that relate to the designing of the answer.

For example, the Tivoli Storage Manager info must be properly sized so as to make sure correct operation and best performance. For every object or file that Tivoli Storage Manager backs up, some 800 bytes of data square measure written to the database; likewise, every copy of the backed-up file needs concerning an extra two hundred bytes of knowledge within the info.


Tivoli Storage Manager may be a complete storage management resolution that’s designed to use several elements to handle individual circumstances and special wants. As we tend to move forward, we’ll see that Tivoli Storage Manager is unambiguously designed to produce and full resolution.

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