Introduction and Overview of OBIEE

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) is an application that provides the integrated end to end enterprise performance management system which includes BI tools. These BI tools consist of queries, reporting, analysis, data integration and mobile analytics etc.

Oracle BI enables customers to get new insights to make fast decisions for businesses. For this, it offers agile visual analytics to discover best enterprise analytics. Oracle BI is supported with highly interactive dashboards, operational reporting services, content and metadata search and access to Bigdata sources.

Oracle BI Applications

Oracle BI applications are developed on Oracle BI foundation which is a comprehensive BI platform. It delivers role-based intelligence that is distributed on an organisation level. Oracle BI includes Oracle fusion cloud and on-premises applications. For a rapid increase in the development and good built-in practice, organisations are using packaged BI applications.


Enterprise Edition Components

Oracle Corporation developed business intelligence server which is known as oracle business intelligence enterprise edition (OBIEE) Plus.

OBIEE Plus comprises of following components:

Oracle BI Server: The design of BI Server is highly scalable, concurrent optimization and supporting parallelism for BI applications. It provides a centralized data access and through this anyone can exchange information anywhere in the enterprise. BI server centralizes the business information that includes, dashboards, ad hoc queries, enterprise and production reporting, OLAP analysis, data mining and web-based services.

Oracle BI Dashboards: Oracle BI poses interactive dashboards that provide interactive access to information and personalizes them on the basis of individual identity. Dashboard serves end user with live reports, prompts, charts, tables, graphics for web architecture.

Oracle BI Answers: In a pure web architecture, Oracle BI Answers provides end user ad hoc capabilities. Users interact with logical information and can create charts and pivot tables that can be saved, modified, formatted and shared on Oracle BI Dashboards.

Oracle BI Delivers: Oracle BI Delivers includes web-based self-service alert and subscription portal. It helps in monitoring and alerting business activities. It can reach to users via email and mobile devices. To provide correct information to user at right time is the main thing focused by Oracle BI Delivers

Oracle BI Publishers: Oracle BI Publishers or XML Publishers provides scalable reporting solution for complex and distributed environment. Oracle BI Publishers formats the reports using Microsoft word document or Adobe Acrobat with which users are mostly very much familiar. Oracle BI Publisher is a standalone component which is integrated with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Suits.

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