Informatica Launches Informatica 9.6

Do you know what Informatica is?

Informatica is an ETL tool. ETL means Extract, Transform and Load. It mainly focused on data integration. In today’s life data integration is very important task. Informatica helps us to do this appropriately. It is very useful tool for any company.

Why we are using Informatica? Why it is so popular?

  • It is broadly used ETL Tool.
  • It is helping to get information and reloading it into the target
  • It is helping companies to take a good decision
  • It strengthens organization timely.
  • It gives reliable data when needed.
  • It is very effective.
  • It gives glimpse on current market trends which is very helpful for top management.
  • It is using improved technology.

Informatica 9 6

XoomTrainings provides Informatica 9.6 online training with its new Features and capabilities of Informatica 9.6 platform, the latest Informatica make it easy to deploy and develop all kinds of projects from integration projects to Big Data and Cloud projects.

Informatica Corporation targets every business from small to medium. Reducing the cost and making the up gradation free can improve the usability and increase the career scope of youngsters.

Informatica 9.6 with fully integrated agile development delivers business five times more quickly than traditional or competing approaches. Informatica 9.6 delivers great data for organizations and also individuals. Customers and users can gain a competitive advantage when they can find, transform and clean data to fit their business requirements.

Only Informatica 9.6 can deliver data at any scale from departmental to enterprise and from transactional to big data, while accelerating many data integration projects by a factor of five.

Informatica platform navigates data projects, ranging from modest departmental projects to the largest of multi-node cluster Hadoop projects. It delivers great data by bringing people together, process and technology. Informatica 9.6 offers three new platform packages including new versions of Power Center Standard, Power Center Advanced and a new Power Center Premium Edition.

Informatica 9.6 platform harnesses both the power and the simplicity of the cloud. About 2000 companies, with 2 Billion records processed daily on Informatica Cloud. Some of the features includes in Informatica are

Informatica 9.6 Cloud Designer is a simple wizard based mappings with a flexibility of advanced mapping capabilities.

Informatica Cloud Test Data Management makes an ability to create secure test data subsets for development activities.

Informatica Software Developer Toolkit simplifies the development of custom data integration connectors using Eclipse based Authoring, publishing and configuration to the Informatica Marketplace.

Informatica offers a Vibe starter kit to jump start a hybrid data landscape.

New Features of Informatica 9.6

There is a great demand for Informatica training because of Informatica 9.6 has introduced some new features in the current market. This article is going to describe these features of Informatica 9.6.

  • Informatica 9.6 supports data integration for cloud. One can integrate data in the cloud applications, as well as run this version of Informatica on cloud infrastructure.
  • Informatica 9 introduced a new tool – Informatica analyst.
  • There is difference in the architecture of Informatica 9. This is more effective than the previous architecture.
  • It supports browser based tool for business analysis.
  • It also supports Data steward.
  • It permits unified administration along with a new admin console which enables user to manage power center and also power exchange from the same console.
  • It has powerful new capabilities for the data quality.
  • It offers single admin console for power centre, data quality, data services and power exchange.
  • In this version of Informatica, IDQ (Informatica data quality) has been integrated with the Informatica Platform, performance, reusability and manageability all are significantly enhanced.
  • The mappings rules are also shared.
  • Both the sql and web services can be used for the real time dash boarding.
  • Informatica data quality offers worldwide address validation support and with integrated geo coding.
  • The capability to define rules and view and execute profiles is available in both the Informatica developer and Informatica analyst also.
  • The developer tool is eclipse based here and supports both data integration and data quality for increasing the productivity.
  • Informatica has the potential to pull data from IMS, DB2 on series and from other legacy systems environment like Datacom, VSAM and IDMS etc.
  • Different tools are available for different roles in Informatica 9.6.
  • It does not comprise ESB infrastructure.
  • Informatica 9.6 supports open interfaces.
  • Informatica 9.6 complements the existing BI architectures by giving immediate access to the data through data virtualization.
  • It supports profiling of Mainframe data.
  • Here the dashboards are planned for business executives.

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