Informatica MDM: Introduction and Strategic Imperatives

Master Data Management or MDM is used to remove the duplicates and incorporates to eliminate incorrect data from entering into the system. Informatica MDM is a methodology that defines critical information within an organisation.

Master Data Management includes processes, governance, policies and different standards and tools that are required for business. It enables companies by improving some important qualities like customer, product, supplier, channel partner and other important relationships among data.

Informatica MDM mainly focused about the channel support that where from data is transferred. MDM allows to consolidate the business data that are scattered throughout various applications and enterprise systems like CRM, ERP etc.

The important things that can be done easily with Informatica MDM are below:

  • MDM helps to address the business requirements by using flexible business model.
  • Empowering marketing teams with better segmentation, target and campaign.
  • Improve decision making strategies regarding data and users.
  • Enhance business process such as payment, customer and supplier information.
  • Meet with regulatory and company policies.



Informatica MDM Features

Flexibility: MDM solves different types of data integrity problems related to business data and that can be again used to solve additional business problems.

Data Variability: MDM is able to handle multiple data such as products, locations, records, accounts related elements.

Feasibility with Complex Designing: It resolves the product and customer issues for owning data.

Scalability: Data can be break down into smaller units and work can be done on them.

Configurable: With the help of specific coding techniques and testing tools MDM tools can be supported to various platform.

Master Data Management Products

Multi-domain MDM: Delivers the business values and provides the complete accuracy of critical master data.

Identity Resolution: It provides search systems and databases to discover hidden connections.

Business Application: MDM applications empower business to direct access, manage and analyse critical data.

Product 360: It manages the information regarding sold products through different channels.

Cloud Customer 360 for Salesforce: Integrate data quality and shows the advantages of salesforce capabilities.

Business Process Management: Automates and enables application oriented process integration.


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