Data Warehouse

Informatica MDM: Introduction and Strategic Imperatives


Master Data Management or MDM is used to remove the duplicates and incorporates to eliminate incorrect data from entering into the system. Informatica MDM is a methodology that defines critical…
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Ab Initio: Evolvement of Enterprise Technology


Ab Initio is an American based software multinational company that specializes in high data processing application and enterprise application integration. The data processing application uses its user friendly platform for…
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Informatica: Strategies and ETL Tools

infromatica Online Trainings

Informatica is a software development company headquartered  in Redwood City. It was founded by Gaurav Dhillon and Diaz Nesamoney in 1993.The tools quite often read data which have been beforehand…
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Teradata Launches Software-Defined Warehouse for Enhanced Data Management, Agility, and Simplicity


Today, many organizations maintain multiple, separate data warehouses to meet unique business unit requirements or to comply with data privacy regulations across countries. Agile and Simple Teradata’s Software-Defined Warehouse provides…
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