Big Data and Hadoop Career Path

Big Data is a data set for data processing applications that includes data analysis, sharing, transfer of data and data security. Big Data is a term that describes the large volume of data for both structured and unstructured forms. It builds insights for better decision taking and business strategic management of organisations. Big Data arrives from various sources that comprises of velocity, volume and variety. It poses the analytical skills and data processing capabilities.

Big Data has changed the way of working within organisation, as it leads to know the data behaviour to IT professionals and business people. It enables them for better decision, customer engagement, optimizing operations, capitalizing resources etc. For this, it imposes good architecture, tools and practical implementations over the organisational data.

Hadoop is a framework used to store data and running applications on hardware. Hadoop provides the capability of holding enormous data which can be used for concurrent data processing.  Top Business Organisations are implementing Big Data and Hadoop technology which provides great accessibility of data and cost efficiency.

With growing demand of cloud computing along with application development, Hadoop Developer are in huge demand. Even the cloud based systems using Big Data services led small business to become a part of industrial race. As Hadoop serves the important features of scalable, data based applications and services, it provides the success factor to business. E-commerce, social networking and digital content organisations are considered to be most frequent user of Big Data and Hadoop technology for their data architecture. According to survey report, Big Data and Hadoop market is expected to grow $13.9 billion by 2017.

Job Opportunities for Hadoop Developers

Hadoop developers are the programmers, who comprise of Java, core Java and SQL knowledge for development. Hadoop developers are responsible for coding and programming for Hadoop applications. They build apps using open source framework that are supported on Big Data platform. The related technologies like HBase, Flume, Hive etc. can accelerate the career of Hadoop Developers. Good number of companies are giving immense opportunity to be a Hadoop developer, as these days Hadoop technology is booming in global market. A Java developer can opt the career in Hadoop. The career path for Hadoop Developer provides great hike in salary. Hadoop is very much flexible, faster and robust technology which attract software programmers to build their career. IT professionals with Big Data and Hadoop technology are among the highest salary earners.


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