Applications of SAP BI

Business Intelligence helps to analyse, retrieve and transport data stored in data warehouse. It brings both business and data on to a single platform. Business intelligence tools are the effective means to meet the business objectives and help in data processing. Business Intelligence (BI) is an application that is used to work on data so that enterprise users can make better business decisions. It can be in the form of tables or charts to generate the report on the precise data at all the levels within an organisation.

SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a leading data warehousing and reporting tool which is equipped with all the information and insights to improve business. It is focused to represent data set in such a way that is helpful for better analysis and application design. Analytic solutions from SAP signify the collective information for a successful delivery of business intelligence solution that empowers to organised data on any platform. With the help of SAP BI tool, users can easily visualize the real time implementation of the businesses.  SAP BI suits consist of several components that fulfill the business requirements such as SAP Business Objects Dashboards, SAP Business Objects Design Studio, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Business Objects Analysis MS Office, SAP Business Objects Mobile.


SAP BI articulates three important server designs.

Database Sever: Here data is physically stored on which operations are done.

Application Server: It is used to retrieve data stored in database server.

Presentation Server: It manages the reporting service and data access from database. Data is extracted from the sources and after some operations on data, it is stored in Data store object that can be viewed at multiple dimensions in infocube. Thereafter it can make available on different data marts.


What makes SAP BI more efficient?

SAP BI is more effective BI tool as its analytical views and data processing is simple. By using this tool, data from different sources can be accessed at single point. Data can be collected from various sources to present in the form of reports that impose better analysis to make business decisions. SAP BI is possible to integrate on different platforms. It is more scalable and flexible to generate reports and sets a better analytical approach.

Future Scope

There is a huge demand of SAP BI in global market as organisations relies on the effectiveness of business data and BI Tools represent the analytical reports on these data. This way of data implementation is quite effective. Due to the portability and flexibility features, SAP BI is most demanding BI tools and so many companies like Teradata, Netezza, Greenplum, Vertica, Tableau are listing it.

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