Those who are into Big Data most likely understand Spark, popularly referred to as the Swiss Army knife of huge information analytics. In Spark, it’s a cluster computing framework for data analytics which will handle most forms of queries of all forms of data sorts in an exceedingly lightning quick speed. With the existing as well as new companies showing high interest in adopting Spark, the market is growing for it. Here are 5 reasons to find out Apache Spark that focalize on why you must not keep yourself from learning this revolutionary new generation technology.

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1  Integration with Hadoop

Spark are often integrated well with Hadoop and that’s an excellent advantage for those who are familiar with the latter.  Technically a standalone project, Spark has been designed in a very thanks to run on Hadoop Distributed File system. It can be straight-away got to work with MapR. It can run on HDFS, inside MapReduce. Having deployed on YARN, it can even run on the same cluster alongside MapReduce jobs.

2   Meet the Global Standards

According to technology forecasts, Spark is the future of worldwide Big Data Processing. The standards of Big Data Analytics are rising vastly with Spark, driven by high speed processing and real time results. By learning Spark currently, one will meet the worldwide standards to confirm compatibility between next generation of Spark applications and distributions by being a district of Spark Developer’s Community. If you think that you like technology, contributing in the development of a growing technology in its growing stage can give a boost to your career. After this, you’ll be able to not blink up to now with the newest advancements that happen in Spark and be among the initial ones to create the next-generation of big data applications.

3   Fading MapReduce and Sparking Spark

Spark is an in-memory processing framework, and is geared up to require up all the first process for Hadoop workloads in future. Being way faster and easier to program than MapReduce, Spark is now among the top-level Apache projects, which has acquired the espousal of large community of users as well as contributors. Matei Zaharia, CTO, Data bricks and one of the brains behind Apache Spark project puts forth Spark as a multi-faceted query tool that could help democratize the use of big data.He also projected the possibility of end of MapReduce era with the growth of Apache Spark.

4  Spark already being used in Production

The number of firms that are using Spark or are planning the same has exploded over the last year. There’s a huge surge within the quality of Spark, the reason being its matured open-source components, and an expanding community of users. The reasons why Spark has become one of the most popular projects in Big Data are, the ingrained high-performance tools handling distinct problems and workloads, and a swift and simple programming interface in Scala, Java, or Python.

There are several reasons, as to why enterprises are increasingly adopting Spark, ranging from speed and efficiency and ease of use to single integrated system for all data pipelines, and many more. Spark being the foremost active huge information project has been deployed in production by all major Hadoop moreover as non-Hadoop vendors across multiple sectors, including, money services, retail, media homes, telecommunications, and public sector.

5 Huge Demand for Spark Professionals

Spark is current and nonetheless to fully displayed within the huge information market. The use of Spark is increasing at a very fast speed among many of the top-notch companies, like NASA, Yahoo, and Adobe.Apart from those belonging to Spark community, there is a handful of professionals who have learnt Spark and can work on it. This in turn has created soaring demand for Spark professionals. In such a scenario, learning Spark can give you steep competitive edge. By learning Spark at this point in time you can demonstrate the recognized validation for your expertise.

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